Welcome to Living in Transit, a blog written for YOU by a fellow traveler to share lessons and stories that she’s gathered along the road.

That would be me, Rebecca Thomas. After solo traveling through Europe and Asia for 7 months, I’ve been able to visit 21 countries by age 21. I’m here to help you realize that traveling does not have to mean breaking the bank and share some ideas and experiences.

As a 1st generation citizen of the US with an Indian family, I grew up with a combination of cultures and an insatiable thirst to see and experience more. I’m currently studying Public Health in Chicago and plan to work in Global Health journalism down the line.

I’ve taught English in 3 different countries and was able to travel to 10 countries in Europe and spend under $2000.

My mission is to provide you with engaging and helpful content so you can create a wholly fulfilling experience in your travels.